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Perfect Catch

This singular seafood pack features delicious dry and wet Salmon recipes that are perfect every night of the week, and freeze-dried salmon treats for any occasion.
What Makes Us Purrrrfect
Made by a cat 
for cats only.
Made by a cat for cats only.
Great taste. 
Exceptional nutrition.
Great taste. Exceptional nutrition.
Made in the USA using the best ingredients you can find.
Made in the USA using the best ingredients you can find.
Chef-led with 
major vet-cred.
Chef-led with major vet-cred.
What We’re Made Of
Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Liver
Mouthwatering morsels of 100% pure freeze-dried raw chicken liver pieces give your cat the extra protein they need for strong, healthy muscles.
Sustainably Caught Salmon
Real sustainably caught salmon is the 1st ingredient for protein that’s rich in essential fatty acids to support healthy cognition and skin & coat.
Bone Broth
Flavorful bone broth provides a concentrated source of protein, additional hydration and collagen for healthy skin.
Just the right amount of grains provide fiber to support the digestive tract and complex carbohydrates to give your cat energy throughout the day.
Prebiotics & Probiotics
Prebiotics support digestive health while Probiotics encourage healthy nutrient absorption.
Fruits & Vegetables
A blend of fruits and vegetables provides fiber and powerful antioxidants to support your cat’s immune system.
Satisfied Cat Parents
Cats have a great taste Cats have a great taste