A gift guide for cats by a cat

Nacho Flay

Now you might mistake this for a holiday gift guide, but you’d be wrong. I created this list to be ‘evergreen,’ as my Marketing VP would say. So before you picture cats launching into Christmas trees as I did, know that evergreen is business-speak for any time. But I digress.

Here’s the thing: your cat’s presence IS a present. One you should be grateful for all year long. And my gift guide? A mere thought-starter if you will. So, read on for what’s sure to be the first (and best!) cat-crafted gift guide you’ve ever read.


Of course, we like attention. On our terms. So if we decide the perfect time for a snuggle is during a Zoom meeting, honor that. And if the ideal place is directly on your laptop, on top of your hands, mid-sentence. So be it.


Dr. Katja Lang taught me that enrichment keeps cats happy. It’s a fancy term for all the things that keep us engaged and help us harness our wild side. Think treat-stuffed toys, food puzzles, or even a good old-fashioned treasure hunt.


Massage, or as I like to call it, human-led biscuiting, can be lovely, as long as you do it properly. Properly = we’ll let you know when something’s not right. Some cats like long strokes from nose to tail. Others prefer you to focus under their cheeks or the base of their tailbone. Work with your cat every day, for as long as they dictate, to discover what they like.


I may be biased, but my freeze-dried treats are the bee’s knees. I use 1 - 2 ingredients max in each recipe, so they’re pretty much pure protein. Plus, until 12/24/21 you can get 10% off my Freeze-Dried Treat Bundle with the code TREATS10. Did somebody say stocking stuffer?


Technically, perches or cat trees are another form of enrichment, but they provide more than just height. Perspective. Our rightful place in the home. Distance. You can even DIY them!


Another form of attention, play gives us an outlet for our energy and, if done right, can help us recreate more primal behaviors —indoors. Toys that help us hunt. stalk, sneak and pounce are aces.


Sorry for yelling but, it’s just, we love boxes. Never forget that.