Who’s cooking for your cat?

Ordinary cat food wasn’t cutting it for lifelong cat dad Chef Bobby Flay. So he set out to make it better.

A letter from our founder

Made by Nacho is the result of one simple idea: feeding my cats the food they deserve to eat. As a lifelong cat parent, I was frustrated with the cat food on the market. Why shouldn’t cat food get the same care and attention as other food? As a professional chef, I knew I had the know-how and resources to create something special for every cat.

Inspired by my loveable, orange, gentle giant, Nacho—I created Made by Nacho, cat food that meets my standards (Nacho’s too.) We take a thoughtful approach to cooking for our favorite carnivores, sourcing quality proteins like cage-free chicken and sustainably caught seafood–and pairing them with ingredients cats want to eat.

Cats need variety, they need protein, and they need constant hydration. We’ve gone the extra mile to create food cats love—giving their parents the confidence to make Made By Nacho part of their everyday life.

For three decades, I’ve enjoyed helping people everywhere get dinner to their tables every night. Now, I’m doing the same for cats. Giving cats the nutrition they need and the deliciousness they deserve puts a smile on my face every day.

So, the next time you decide what your kitty will eat, ask yourself this… Who’s cooking for your cat?

We’re redefining cat food