I’m Nacho Flay and I'm teaching the world to speak cat!

My dad, Chef Bobby Flay, and I founded Made by Nacho to set a new standard in cat care, giving cats everything they need to lead full, nourished lives. We started in the kitchen, crafting recipes using premium, no-compromise ingredients with chef-approved flavors worthy of cats. But it takes more than food to nourish a cat (can’t hurt, though!), and as a cat, I know exactly what we need. And believe me, I’m just getting started.

Cats get our complete and undivided attention
Innovative recipes inspired by Chef Bobby Flay
Serious cred thanks to my lifelong vet, Dr. Katja Lang
Great taste. Exceptional Nutrition. Made in the USA

Food is our love language

In my family, we believe every bite counts. That's why we start our recipes with impeccably chosen proteins like cage-free chicken, grass-fed, grain-finished beef, and sustainably caught salmon. Plus, I’m constantly cooking up new recipes to help combat palate fatigue (aka the finickiness humans always talk about).

Because cats need cat-specific nutrition to thrive, we enlist the help of leading pet nutritionists and Dr. Katja Lang, my lifelong vet, who really knows her stuff. Plus, I taste-test everything before it leaves the kitchen ;)

We've got high standards

Total cat wellness

Food comes first, naturally. But at Made by Nacho, we believe in total cat wellness. For us, that means providing cat parents everywhere with the recipes, tools and expert advice they need to help their cats live their best lives.