Finding the Purr-fect Protein for Your Cat

Finding the Purr-fect Protein for Your Cat

A deeper look into the thoughtfully-sourced proteins used in Made by Nacho recipes 


After years of ingredient research (and plenty of taste testing from Nacho Flay and Stella Flay), we’ve crafted the purr-fect assortment of proteins to support your cat’s physiology. 


Cats, like tigers, lions, and other members of their species, have unique nutritional needs and require significantly more protein than dogs. You might be wondering what exactly makes protein so important for kitties – well, protein contains amino acids that cats can’t create on their own, and these amino acids are essentially the building blocks for a healthy cat. Don’t worry, though, Nacho has you covered with his deliciously-crafted recipes to support the needs of your laser-chasing, cupboard-hopping, zoomies-loving furry ones. 


Follow along as we give you the full scoop (pun intended) on Made by Nacho proteins!



Behind the Beef

Calling all cats going for that “Yes, I do work out” look – Our  Grass-Fed Beef, Rabbit, & Pumpkin Recipe is loaded with protein and amino acids to keep you healthy and strong. Beef is the showstopper here and is packed with nutrients for your furry friends! It’s a great source of omega-6 fatty acid, which is essential to helping your kitty maintain their wild energy, silky coat, and strong mighty system. 



Chattering for Chicken

Mmm, tastes like chicken! Chicken is an easily digestible protein for cats, making it a well-loved choice for cat parents, especially for our furry friends with sensitive stomachs. Our  Cage-free Chicken, Duck, & Quail Recipe provides cats with the amino acid-rich protein needed for all those late night zoomies. Pssst… did we mention that it’s Nacho’s favorite?



The Scoop on Salmon

If your cat loves that under-the-sea flavor, salmon is the perfect selection. Our  Sustainably-Caught Salmon, Whitefish & Pumpkin Recipe is a delicious source of omega-3s, an essential fatty acid to a healthy kidney and a radiant coat. Like all Made by Nacho proteins, our salmon recipes are also packed with healthy ingredients, like pumpkin and cranberries, to give your cat extra nutrients. 


The best thing about our proteins? They’re available in both  wet and dry formulas! If your kitty loves a little crunch, extra protein and freeze-dried chicken liver pieces in a deliciously palatable recipe, dry kibble is purr-fect for them. If your feline friend needs extra hydration, try our wet recipes to indulge in the gourmet taste of bone broth in our gravy. Cats love variety in their diets and can experience palate fatigue quickly, so we recommend incorporating both our wet and dry recipes into their regimens to keep them happy and nourished! 


Cats are like family, so creating nutritional, protein-rich, appetizing recipes that are made with cats’ palates in mind will always be Nacho’s top priority in the kitchen. After all, he does look after his own.