It’s a Cat Thing

It’s a Cat Thing

An open call to share your pet’s goofier meowments

Being a cat parent is equally rewarding and perplexing. They’re an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in floof. That’s why we love them so much. They always keep us guessing, especially with some of their, erm, more unusual antics.

At Made By Nacho, we know cats. We’re run by one, Nacho Flay. Our menu is chock-full of paw-selected premium ingredients that cats love. Cats are always our only focus. 

Although Nacho (and his sister Stella Flay) painstakingly taught us to speak cat, we’re still mystified, and frankly, super entertained by their shenanigans. And as cat parents, we bet you understand. It’s a cat thing. 

Being the cat-obsessives we are, we documented and CAT-agorized some of the #NachoCatPack’s more head-scratching moments. We’d love it if you share yours, too: 

So tell us “It’s a Cat Thing” without, you know, telling us it’s a cat thing. We’ll go first: 


The Cabinet Creeper

Someone needs to check on the treats

@oliversinthecity @nachoflay



Who needs a water dish when you’ve got a faucet? 



Always Finding My Light 

When you’re this gorgeous, the light finds you  




Or, the human cat perch




 Liquid Kitten

Oh bigggg stretch




ZOMG it’s the zoomies
Watch your back




Cat? Bread? 

Just loafing around here 

 @coupleofclassycats @milo_emmie_siberiancat



Boxes > Anything 

Think inside the box



If I Fits, I Sits 

The ultimate It’s a Cat Thing, thing 

@hodiforousjackson @mycatdennis 

So go ahead, show us “It’s a Cat Thing” by sharing your cat’s meowments with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok using the #ItsACatThing, we can’t wait to see them!