What is Cat-Crafted Cat Food Anyway?

What is Cat-Crafted Cat Food Anyway?

A Note from The Founder: What We Mean by "Cat-Crafted”

Nacho Flay shares what sets Made by Nacho apart



If you've spent any time staring at our packaging, perhaps willing it to open, you may ask yourself: What is cat-crafted cat food, anyway? Simply put, cat-crafted cat food is made by me (a cat) with only cats in mind. This approach to cat food transforms typical dry and wet food into a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Allow me to break things down a bit more. Here’s what sets Made by Nacho apart.


1. Some Help from My Dad

My dad is Chef Bobby Flay. After years of closely observing him making human food in the kitchen, and learning the importance of selecting premium, flavorful ingredients that also support your health, I thought, "Why can’t I do this for cats?" As I was creating Made by Nacho, I selected each ingredient and tested each flavor combination while my dad provided recipe advice.

2. Premium Ingredients, Thoughtfully Sourced

It’s hard to know exactly what food to feed your cat. My dad taught me it’s all about the ingredients, and that’s why my menu leads with cage-free chicken, grass-fed beef, and sustainably caught salmon. By combining these with pumpkin, cranberries, blueberries, millet and pre and probiotics, I’ve created balanced recipes that include a dose of antioxidants and support a healthy digestive tract. I’ve also added bone broth, my signature ingredient, to the mix.


3. And Speaking of Bone Broth...

Did you know that cats are especially susceptible to becoming dehydrated? My solution? Bone broth. It’s my secret sauce and the added perk across my menu because it delivers extra protein and hydration to my wet food, added nutrients to my dry food, and delicious flavor to both! But don’t take my word for it. Bone broth gets extra points for nutrition from my lifelong veterinarian, Dr. Katja Lang — and she’s the best there is!

4. Made By Cats, For Cats

By definition, cat-crafted literally means just that — it’s food… that’s crafted by a cat… for cats ONLY. After two years of recipe testing, countless calls to Dr. Katja, and numerous taste tests with cats near and far, Made by Nacho was born. Here, cats don't play second fiddle to any other pet. We source ingredients thoughtfully, ensuring that everything we put in our recipes serves a purpose. We took our time to do things right to ensure that the end product will be more likely to satisfy even the pickiest of feline palates.  

I founded Made by Nacho because I want to do things differently. All recipe creation is driven by…you guessed it, a cat. And it’s all backed up by the expertise of the very special humans on my crew. All the choices we make serve the needs of cats and cats only. So for all you cats out there: We got you.


Nacho Flay


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