Introducing Dr. Katja Lang

Dr. Katja Lang

Well-Vetted: Introducing Dr. Katja Lang, DVM

Get to know Nacho’s lifelong vet


Meet Dr. Katja Lang, DVM — super vet with a passion for nutrition, and expert on how diet affects feline health (and happiness). She also has the added distinction of being Nacho’s lifelong vet…which is why it especially pleases us to introduce Dr. Katja as Made by Nacho’s official consultant on all things feline health.

A lifelong animal lover, Dr. Katja serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital in New York City, where she enjoys seeing all kinds of animal patients—we won't tell anyone, but we know she enjoys seeing her feline friends best.

nacho's vet

Dr. Katja has been an integral part of Made by Nacho from the beginning, working closely with Nacho Flay and his chef Dad, Bobby Flay to develop our range of one-of-a-kind meal experiences. Dr. Katja gives Made by Nacho round-the-clock access to the best cat-nutrition know-how, contributing invaluable insights on what is best for feline diets, starting with flavor – because, as any parent of a picky feline knows, palatability is important to a cat’s food. She suggested we start with just the right blend of high quality ingredients that offer the right amount of protein, fiber, and antioxidants that support the health of cats. 

In her free time, Dr. Katja is passionate about cooking healthy meals for her family, including her own human and fur babies. Of course, like Nacho and Bobby Flay, she uses only the most flavorful and highest-quality ingredients.

Keep an eye out for Dr. Lang, as she’ll occasionally join Nacho and Chef Bobby Flay when they make their virtual and live appearances. She’ll also be sharing her tips and invaluable advice in more posts to come!