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Nacho created the world’s first feline only, chef-approved, cat-crafted cat food with the aim to serve all cats and cat parents as the go-to premium cat food, focused on taste and overall nutrition. We feature carefully selected premium ingredients in our unique flavor combinations for a menu of meals that is not only mouth-watering but delivers the balanced nutrition felines need. Nacho never compromises between great taste and cat-specific nutrition.

We make our food and treats here in the US, with the finest globally sourced ingredients. We thoughtfully source only premium ingredients and ensure that each ingredient serves a purpose.

Made by Nacho wasn't created overnight. Nacho and his team took years honing recipes, flavor combinations and nutritional content. He didn't rush the process then and won't in the future. Nacho knew the brand wouldn't go to market until everything was perfect. Nacho's committed to delivering the best for cats, because he knows what cats need and what they want.

Made by Nacho is all about quality, and all about cats! We are focused 100% on cats. Period. We know that cats have unique nutritional needs and specific preferences for flavors and textures. Our flavor combinations are created specifically to please a cat's palate with carefully chosen ingredients that provide all the nutrients cats need to thrive.

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Even the coolest cats can worry about running out of Made by Nacho. So subscribe! Your favorite menu items delivered right to your door, on your schedule. All without you having to lift a paw. You also get: an extra 25% off your first subscription order, 5% off on all future subscription orders, and exclusive updates and insider news.

In order to protect our employees, customers and service providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Made by Nacho is not currently accepting the return of any products. If you believe an item you received is damaged or incorrect, please contact Made by Nacho at contact@madebynacho.com. If Made by Nacho has verified that the item you received was damaged or incorrect, you will either receive a refund, a replacement item, or a credit. We encourage you to donate any incorrect items that you do not wish to keep.

Yes! We'd love for your cat to join #nachoscatpack! Tag @MadeByNacho in your post and use the hashtag #nachoscatpack.

Because of Nacho’s commitment to support feline-kind he founded the Made by Nacho Charitable Fund at New York Community Trust. The fund will support feline rescue and research organizations because Nacho cares about cats everywhere.

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Made by Nacho cat food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Associate of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) cat food nutrient profiles for growth and maintenance.