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Made for Cats by a Cat

I'm Nacho Flay

Hi, I'm Nacho Flay

Full disclosure: my dad is Chef Bobby Flay. He taught me that nothing is more important than what you put into your dishes, and that selecting premium, flavorful ingredients that also support your health will make the meal. When it comes to food, I was tired of seeing cats play second fiddle to all the dogs out there. So I took matters into my own hands, and made food specifically for us: Made by Nacho. Cat-crafted cat food.
Guidance from Nacho’s Lifelong Vet
“Cats may have distinct personalities and unique needs, but they all require quality nutrition to help keep them healthy. My passion is making sure cats are living their best lives. I’ve worked closely with Nacho to make sure that his menu is full of the premium ingredients that offer the specific nutrients to keep all kitties thriving!” — Dr. Katja Lang
by Chefs
"As Nacho’s dad, I’ve spent a lot of time with him in the kitchen. One thing I always emphasize is the importance of quality ingredients and he clearly paid attention. Nacho knows his stuff and he’s put in the work. I have no doubt cats will love it as much as he does." — Bobby Flay

What We're All About

We Support Our Own
Made by Nacho is committed to helping every cat live a happy, healthy life. So we provide assistance to those making a difference on the ground, including shelters, adoption initiatives, cat health researchers and more.
Cats and Cats Alone
It takes true dedication to understand cats. Which is why we took the time to research and develop recipes that satisfy cat’s unique palates while supporting cat-specific health needs. Don’t get us wrong, we love all pets. But we work - and live - for cats alone
No Compromises. Ever.
Made By Nacho is all about healthy eating AND great taste, without compromising between the two. Our premium ingredients give cats the nutrition they need to thrive along with the flavors they crave.
Made in the USA with Carefully Selected Ingredients
Our recipes are made in the US from globally sourced premium ingredients. Our meals feature thoughtfully selected proteins first paired with high quality grains, fruits and vegetables. We never include any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and no corn, wheat or soy.