The Recipes Nacho’s Digging Into This Fall

The Recipes Nacho’s Digging Into This Fall

Ahh, fall. Chasing leaves. Watching birds fly south. Chasing birds and leaves. Napping. Watching humans celebrate the return of Pumpkin Spice. Fall is a good time to be a cat.

After years of seeing my Dad, Chef Bobby Flay, change his menu with the seasons, it only fits that I paw-select a list of Made by Nacho recipes worth falling for.

Because cats deserve only the best, I only work with the best, including Dr. Katja Lang, DVM, Veterinary Consultant and my life-long vet. She helps ensure each of my creations is as nutritious as it is irresistible. Read on for dishes that put the yum in autumn.

Cage-Free Chicken Cuts in Gravy

Nothing says fall like these chicken cuts served with whisker-smacking gravy. I start with cage-free chicken, add turkey and duck to help build strong muscles, pumpkin and other fruits and veggies for fiber and immune support, and pre-biotics for healthy digestion.

Sustainably-Caught Salmon, Whitefish & Pumpkin Recipe


This dish is for all the fish fanatics out there; you know who you are. I pair sustainably caught salmon (loaded with essential fatty acids, which Dr. Lang says helps with brain function and shiny, fluffy coats) with whitefish and pumpkin (plus pure freeze-dried liver pieces!) for a taste that will leave you meowling for more.

Minced Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef Recipe in Bone Broth


This brand-new addition to my wet food collection is as comforting as homemade chili (according to my Dad ) but with a flavor profile that’s perfect for cats. With grass-fed, grain-finished beef as our #1 ingredient and restorative bone broth for extra protein and hydration, this dish is the cat food equivalent of a no-strings-attached belly rub. I recommend serving my minced beef recipe on game day, Tuesday, or any day. 

Freeze-Dried Duck Liver Treats

Speaking of game, might I suggest my Freeze-Dried Duck Liver Treats? My Dad says duck is a quintessential fall ingredient; I say it’s a treat! That tastes like duck! So, good in my book. Like all of my treats, it’s single-source (human for only from one place) and single-ingredient (in this case: duck, duck and only duck) and can also be used as a topper for my other delicious offerings. Although duck has long been considered a special occasion ingredient, I say life’s too short to be precious, so let’s feast.


What dishes meow fall to you? Let me know in the comments.