Menu Update!

Menu Update!

Having a cat as a founder means we do things a bit differently around here. Nacho Flay may be fluffier than your typical boss, but he still inspires us to give it our all for every cat, every day, everywhere. Like his dad, Chef Bobby Flay, Nacho doesn't compromise when it comes to quality. Also, like his dad, he's always hungry for more.

So when Nacho challenged the Made by Nacho team to expand our wet food offerings, we were happy to deliver. When he said "meow," we heard "more."

Made by Nacho is proud to introduce our five newest recipes, complete with new textures, flavors, and grain-free options. They're cat-crafted (as always), Chef Bobby Flay approved (ditto), ultra-hydrating (forever) and pack a serious nutritional punch.

Super Hydration

We use bone broth, Nacho’s go-to ingredient, in every one of our recipes. Why? In addition to providing whisker-smacking flavor and a protein boost, bone broth addresses dehydration, a chronic issue for cats.

"Cats do not have the same thirst drive as other species, so incorporating hydration into their diet is extremely important, especially as it relates to common health issues such as kidney disease," said Dr. Katja Lang, DVM + Veterinary Consultant at Made by Nacho and Nacho’s life-long vet.

"Made by Nacho's wet cat food provides complete and balanced nutrition that’s high in protein and water content, offering a palatable way for cats to get everything they need."

New Palate Pleasing Textures

Has your cat ever stopped eating their food for no apparent reason? Palate fatigue could be the cause. While chef-worthy flavors always factor into our recipes, texture plays an important role, too.

With texture top of mind, we incorporated minced cage-free chicken, minced sustainably-caught salmon, grass-fed beef and diced sustainably caught tuna and cod into our new menu. Bobby ensured every bite was impeccable, and Nacho served as taste-tester-in-chief.

“I've been working side-by-side with Nacho throughout this entire process,” said Flay. “We've stayed close on flavor combinations and texture, adjusting each recipe until it was just right,” said Bobby.

You Meowed. We Listened.

Nacho reads every comment we receive (well, we read them to him, but still), so when our cat pack called for grain-free recipes, we went right to the test kitchen. Our approach for developing grain-free cat food was the same as the rest of our menu; only the best ingredients, chef-inspired flavors and nutritionally on point. The result? Made by Nacho Grain-Free, Sustainably-Caught Diced Tuna & Cod Recipe with Bone Broth. Nacho and Stella give this dish two paws up.

Transitioning to New Food

As always, we follow Dr. Lang's advice when introducing new cats to new foods. Start small (think treat size) to start. "Cats are grazers, so feeding them small quantities throughout the day is a great way to incorporate something new." After about ten days, you can fully transition to the new diet.

Now that you’ve learned what’s on the menu, what will your cat try first?