How to Get Your Cat to Exercise

How to Get Your Cat to Exercise

It's no secret that cats love to lounge around, but for a happy, healthy life, it's essential they get the right amount of exercise. Yes, exercise! Keeping your cat active not only helps maintain a healthy cat weight but also stimulates their mind and reduces behavioral issues (say, passionate sofa scratching, for one) So, how can we encourage our fluffy friends to get moving? Here are some tips and tricks to entice your little BFF into getting a move on. 

1.) Toys Galore

Cats love playing with toys, and with the vast array of options available you're bound to find something that tickles your cat’s fancy. Wand toys, motorized mice, feather teasers, and laser pointers are all great choices for interactive fun. To keep them engaged and excited about playtime, rotate toys regularly so everything seems new and fresh. Another option? Use “toys” you already have on hand, think: hair ties, bag twists, paper clips and bottle caps. 

2.) Catnip for the Win

For an added layer of excitement during playtime, incorporate catnip-infused toys into your routine. Grab a small pinch of catnip in your fingers and rub them together to release the naturally alluring oils. Sprinkle catnip on toys, in boxes, or on a scratching post or pad – the possibilities are endless. Nacho’s Catnip & Passion Flower Blend balances invigorating small-batch catnip and peaceful passion flower to keep your kitty intrigued and active.

3.) Create Climbing Opportunities:

Cats love exploring their environment from high vantage points. To provide both mental and physical stimulation, invest in a tall cat tree or add shelves mounted on the walls for them to climb on. This provides them with an opportunity to leap between levels while expending energy. Soar! 

4.) Indoor Predatory Play:

Cats are natural-born hunters. By tapping into this instinct, you can encourage them to stay active indoors. Try introducing "hunting-style" play sessions by hiding high-value cat treats or kibble around the house in small portions so they get to use their instincts while burning calories.

5.) Choose Food Puzzles:

By utilizing food-dispensing puzzle toys or feeding balls that require your cat to work for their meal, you encourage physical AND mental activity.

6.) Keep it Consistent 

Dedicate specific times each day to engage with your cat, which helps create a consistent routine (cats love routines!) Incorporating fun and engaging activities can make a significant difference in promoting a more active lifestyle for them – and more bonding for the two of you. Everybody wins!

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