Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

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Sometimes, it seems like all our cats do is sleep (except for the hours between 3 - 4:30), but why? And how? Also, why? Let’s delve into one of the most adorable mysteries of our fluffy friends: why do cats sleep so much? If you've ever wondered why your little bestie spends most of the day snoozing, fear not! We've got you covered with some helpful insights.

The Natural Sleepers
Cats are masters of relaxation, and their sleep habits are just a part of their natural instinct. In the wild, their ancestors needed to conserve energy for hunting and surviving. Although their domesticated kin don’t necessarily have to hunt for their food, those instincts are still hardwired into their DNA, making them the cozy, adorable sleepers they are today.

The Cat Nap Pros
Ever noticed your cat taking short naps throughout the day? Cats are expert cat-nappers, and their sleep pattern is different from ours. While we have one long stretch of sleep each night (fingers crossed), our four-legged roommates enjoy several short naps throughout the day. These catnaps help them recharge their batteries, powering them up for their next adventure.

The Dreamers and Dozers
You might have spotted your cat twitching or making cute noises while they sleep. Rest assured (sorry!), they are just in the dreamland, reliving their hunting or playful experiences. Cats go through different stages of sleep, just like us, and the dreaming phase is a fascinating aspect of their sleeping routine.

Stress-Free Snoozing
Cats are nothing if not sensitive, and their environment plays a significant role in their sleep patterns. When they feel safe, secure, and loved, they tend to snooze more peacefully. That's why creating a cozy and stress-free space for your cat is essential. A comfy cat bed, some soft blankets, and a quiet spot away from noise can do wonders for their sleep quality.

The Cat Parents' Role
As loving cat parents, there are a few things we can do to help our cats get the amount of rest they need. Playtime during the day helps them burn off energy, making them more likely to sleep when it's bedtime (pro-tip: try our small-batch catnip paired with Nacho’s Scratcher House!) Also, maintaining a consistent daily routine can signal to your cat when it's time to wind down and relax.