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While catnip alone is a great way to fuel play, Nacho added passion flower into the blend to give cats a well-deserved dose of relaxation (and to stay true to his culinary roots.) Our cat-crafted catnip brings a little well-deserved spice to your cat’s day.

We made a must-have, better


Our exacting ingredient standards don’t stop in the kitchen. Here’s what makes our Catnip & Passion Flower Blend so dope:


North American Catnip


🌿 Sourced from a small family farm in Alberta, Canada

🌿 Grown without heat treatment, irradiation, or fungicides

🌿 Harvested and sun-dried at peak

🌿 Concentrated nepetalactone (the pleasure-boosting chemical cat’s crave)

Italian & French Passion Flower


💜 Sourced from French and Italian flower farms

💜 Hand-sifted for only the best buds

💜 Used for centuries in teas, tinctures, and other applications

💜 Loved for soothing anxious cats (and humans!)

💜 A perfect partner to our naturally stimulating catnip!

It couldn’t be simpler


Made by Nacho Catnip & Passion Flower Blend is a cinch to use: rub a little between your fingers to activate the essential oils and sprinkle onto the floor, a scatch pad, a box, or favorite toy and behold as they experience an unparalleled sense of bliss